Followers, if you had the chance to visit any historical site in the world, right now, where would you be packing your bags for? Why?

I know I’d certainly be off to Florence and Istanbul. How about you?

Posted July 12, 2012@ 9:19pm

  1. elviajedelaesperanza answered: Rome!
  2. lieutenantkusa answered: Machu Picchu. So wondrous and the scenery!
  3. dearminotaur said: Ruins of Mycenae for sure. Then hop the sea to Troy and Mt. Ida. ;)
  4. viola-organista answered: Ditto. I love them both. But to be fair, another I would die to go see is the remains of the Tudor dynasty, like the Tower of London.
  5. zenr answered: Αθήνα then Roma :)
  6. mediumaevum answered: England. To touch every stone laid there between, say, 7th and 14th century.
  7. youmewlingquim answered: Egypt, Giza!!
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